Thyroid Support Complex

$19.88 $34.99

CONCEPTA'S THYROID SUPPORT COMPLEX is a rich blend of herbs, amino acids, vitamins & minerals with iodine helps to optimize healthy thyroid function, normalize metabolism and support focus and clarity. A fully functioning thyroid will boost your mood with renewed vitality.

★ THE SOLUTION HAS ARRIVED – Our leading formula increases energy levels, enhances thyroid function and optimizes hormonal imbalance. Pure, non-GMO and healthy nutrients to enhance T3 & T4 levels.

★ WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT – Our rich blend of natural botanicals, amino acids, vitamins & minerals with essential iodine can help to optimize healthy thyroid function, normalize metabolism, bolster the immune system and support healthy weight loss.

★ ENERGY, FOCUS AND CLARITY – Improved concentration, focus and clarity will help you say goodbye to that dull feeling of mental fogginess.

★ EASE MUSCLE & JOINT PAIN – The thyroid gland is an essential part of the endocrine system; sufferers can experience chronic generalized pain including carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.

★ MENSTRUAL REGULATION – Thyroid problems can manifest drastic changes in period cycles or intensity - affecting the ability to conceive or leading to early menopause. You can count on Concepta for the healthiest solutions. Balance is key.

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